Health Coaching Sessions

Your new health journey starts here!

Imagine having someone to:

  • Treat you with dignity and respect and take the time to listen to what you want and need;
  • Help you see what’s achievable when it comes to your health;
  • Let you control your own change and how to get there;
  • Give you tools and resources to empower yourself in this new journey; and
  • Celebrate your wins and support you through the challenges.
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Our Sessions

We designed our coaching sessions to support you in your health journey. We’re not here to diagnose or treat, but rather to inspire, motivate, encourage, and empower you to make the changes you want for your own health.

How can we help?

A health coach can help with many health-related issues. We’re especially interested in helping people with chronic long-term issues who are looking for additional support to help them in this journey.

We work with:


Until they’re managed, stress and anxiety can lead to many health issues including more chronic conditions. Often a single fix is not enough. We can help you find (and implement) the right mix of strategies for your situation.

Sleep Issues

Not getting enough quality sleep lowers your energy levels, slows down your reaction times and even affects your mood. Coaching can help you change lifestyle factors that may be interfering with your sleep.


Many people still believe that being overweight is simply an issue of calories, but it’s more complex than that and research is showing that there are many more factors at play. Coaching is well suited to helping you navigate your weight issues and achieve your weight goals.

Type 2 Diabetes

Whether you’re prediabetic or a full-blown type 2, managing this condition is essential to your long-term health. Coaching can help you assess your diet and other lifestyle factors. A good coach can also help keep you informed about the condition so that you can more effectively manage it.


Most of us know that being physically active is good for us. And for many, despite being well intentioned, physical activity takes a back seat. If you’re struggling with exercising or want to improve your exercise performance, a health coach can help you map out a program with achievable goals that you can track and monitor over time.
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How it Works

All our sessions are done virtually offering you flexibility, affordability and accessibility.
  • You request a free 20-minute session to make sure health coaching is right for you and you can see yourself working with us.
  • You sign a form explaining what we can offer and what you’re agreeing to.
  • We schedule an initial consultation to assess your health status, understand your personal challenges, and hear what you’d like to achieve with coaching. It will also form the basis for setting some SMART goals and for the beginnings of a plan.
  • We schedule follow-up sessions (optional). We’ll continue to build on your plan and goals and support you in the implementation of your plan. We’ll provide resources, information, support, and motivation. If needed, we’ll help you to reassess your goals, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable.


  • Payments are made in advance of the session.
  • Initial consult: 60 minutes
  • Follow-up session: 30 minutes
  • Three and six session packages with payment terms available.
  • Special discounts for seniors (over the age of 65)
  • No long-term contracts. You can be as flexible as you like and stop when you want.
  • All sessions include email or messaging access, so you can ask questions between sessions.
On Special - Health Coaching Packages
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Are these sessions for me?

Our sessions help you to:
  • Understand your current health status and the changes you have in mind.
  • Discover what drives you to make these changes and what you need to make them happen.
  • Know what resources you need and what you have or don’t have at your disposal.
  • Establish SMART goals and create a plan to achieve them.
  • Discover what works for you and what doesn’t based on your unique situation.
  • Develop skills, access resources and information, and find ways to create new habits to support your health.
  • Overcome challenges, obstacles and even setbacks as you move toward your goals.
Our sessions are not:
  • A medical diagnosis. We are not medical practitioners, and we don’t diagnose medical conditions.
  • Prescribing of any sort. We don’t prescribe any supplements, diets, or anything else.
  • A quick fix. Changing habits, behavior, and health status takes time and persistence.
  • A chance to watch us do all the work whilst you sit back and relax. Sadly, no! You’re in the driver’s seat. We’re here to support, guide, empower, encourage, share, and hold you accountable as needed.

What next?

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