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Our experienced coaches are here to listen, support, and guide you to better physical and emotional health.
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Why Coaching?

Coaching is a ideal way to get the help, motivation and support you need when your health needs it most.

Chronic health conditions can be debilitating, and dealing with them can leave us feeling alone and helpless.

Setting boundaries can leave us feeling that way, too. It can be hard to say “no”, even when we really need to. This can affect our lives, our health and even our sense of who we are.

That’s why we’re here to help. As coaches, we can help you to set achievable, realistic goals so that you can take start taking back your health and your quality of life. Our support, guidance, and resources will make it easier for you to travel this path. We provide:

  • Focus and purpose
  • Resources and information
  • Insight and reflection
  • Flexibility and affordability


Coaching recognizes that your situation and circumstances are unique to you and takes a holistic approach when it comes to helping you.


Coaches are there to motivate, empower and help educate you towards reaching your own goals.

Goal Driven

Coaching is about setting SMART goals and establishing and implementing a plan to get there.

Life changing

Coaching helps motivate you to make positive and lasting changes in your life.

Our Services

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Health Coaching

Our coaching sessions are here to inspire, support and empower you in your health journey.
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Boundaries Mentoring

Whether you’re having trouble setting, maintaining or even struggling with guilt and fear around boundaries, our mentor is here to help.
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Plant Based Diet Sessions

Are you ready to transition to a plant-based diet? We can help you with a plan to make this way of eating healthy, convenient, and affordable.

Coaching for when you need it most

– Make a Change –

Why Work With Us

Work with us if you want to:
  • Be more involved in decisions affecting your health;
  • Feel better and have a better quality of life;
  • Become more knowledgeable, resourceful, and disciplined about your health;
  • Have the support you need to get through any tough times;
  • Be acknowledged for your success, both big and small; and
  • Have the flexibility and freedom to decide what works for you.

How It Works

1. Start by requesting an initial 20-minute call to see if our coaching is a good fit for you and to understand how our sessions and pricing works.

3. Schedule our first session. This session is about understanding your specific challenges so that we can help you map out your plan of action.

2. Complete some forms so you know what you are getting when you begin coaching with us and we have an agreement to get started.

4. Decide on the number, frequency, and length of any follow-up sessions based on your needs and preferences.

Coaching for improved mental and physical health

– Make A Change –

How Coaching Can Help

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Identifying, setting and maintaining boundaries.
smiling woman eating healthy food


Losing weight, improving diet, managing lifestyle.
man sitting on bed exhausted


Assessing sleep hygiene and lifestyle factors.
woman at desk looking stressed


Managing and reducing stress.
sugary foods with diabetes medications

Type 2 Diabetes

Controlling and monitoring type 2 diabetes.
group of people stretching


Physical activity and improving health.

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