It’s never too late to make your health a priority!

Most of us want to age gracefully, enjoying our lives to the fullest. No one wants to be a burden or be stuck with chronic health conditions that destroy our quality of life.

We believe that, given the right support, our bodies can remain resilient. Reaching a “certain age” does not mean that our lives are over and done with!

That’s why we began Make a Change over a decade ago. We wanted to give people who are ready to take charge of their health the resources and support they need.

Our values are simple. We treat our clients with:

  • Respect. Our clients know more about their health and how they’re feeling than we do.
  • Honesty. We call a spade a spade! If we don’t, how can we expect you to be honest with us? This includes telling you when we don’t have the answer.
  • Empathy. We all have our own stories and our own reasons for wanting to change. We don’t judge your story or your reasons.
  • Integrity. We don’t overstep. We know where our professional boundaries are. We won’t recommend, promote, or do anything that is outside our expertise and experience – or not in your best interest.

We believe that health is worth investing in.


About Steph Sterner

Steph Sterner

Steph has been teaching, studying, and/or practicing healing for most of her adult life. She’s also studied and practiced several spiritual traditions and has travelled the world to work with spiritual masters and teachers.

In 2012, she wrote her first book: 7 Easy Ways to Say NO to Difficult People. It came from her desire, and her struggle, to stand up for herself in a respectful and caring way. Since then she’s authored and published two more books on setting boundaries.

But Steph isn’t just an author. She’s also a mentor and practitioner who helps people get through the fear, guilt, and other painful emotions that stop them from setting good boundaries.

She uses processes from powerful modalities like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), kinesiology, ZPoint, and more to help her clients make changes at the subconscious level.

Steph loves being in nature. When she’s not writing, reading, or working she can be found walking or by the ocean.

About Desiree Pule

Desiree Pule

Desiree is a qualified health coach with AFPA (American Fitness Professionals and Associates). Her training, along with her experience in the health and fitness industry, has given her a strong understanding (and holistic perspective) of what it takes to live a healthier life. She is dedicated to working with clients with chronic health conditions – especially the elderly, as they often have the greatest need for guidance and support.

In her spare time, Desiree is out running or taking cold ocean swims.