Coaching for Long Covid

In this article we’ll look at Long Covid and how coaching can help.

Long Covid is a name given to a wide range of symptoms that don’t resolve after a few months following a COVID-19 infection. You may also see it referred to as ‘post-acute sequalae of SARS-CoV-2 infection’, or PASC; ‘post-acute coronavirus disease syndrome’, or PACDS; PACS; or even ‘long-haul covid’.

Some patients experience Long Covid after an acute bout of the disease, whilst others have milder initial symptoms. And some are asymptomatic, only realizing they have Covid when they experience Long Covid symptoms.

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What are the symptoms of Long Covid?

There is a wide range of symptoms, and not all symptoms are experienced by one individual. These can include:

  1. Fatigue, which can be extreme;
  2. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath;
  3. Problems with memory and concentration;
  4. Joint or muscle pains or body aches;
  5. Anxiety and/or depression;
  6. Cardiovascular problems, such as heart palpitations;
  7. Dizziness;
  8. Gastro-intestinal issues (stomach or digestion difficulties);
  9. Coughs;
  10. Headaches;
  11. Loss of smell or taste;
  12. Ringing in the ears;
  13. Sleep issues;
  14. Loss of hair; and
  15. Low-grade fever.

For some the symptoms may be mild. In others, they may be extremely debilitating and even life-threatening if left untreated.

What’s causing all these symptoms?

Researchers are still trying to understand what’s happening to Long Covid patients and why their symptoms are persisting.

Some of the theories include:

  1. The virus has not cleared from the body (known as persistence of viral antigen). It gets reactivated, and the body keeps mounting an immune response to try to clear it.
  2. Alterations and perturbations in the gut microbiome are creating an imbalance, with certain species of bacteria that are detrimental to health becoming predominant. This may harm the immune system.
  3. Micro-clots are forming and the body isn’t breaking them down. A growing number of Long Covid studies show a dysregulation of the blood-clotting system, causing hyperactivated platelets and an increase in the blood’s clotting mechanism. The result is micro-clots that can block capillaries, compromising the exchange of oxygen into the cells. This could cause symptoms like acute fatigue, muscle weakness, breathing difficulties and even neurological issues. These clots are highly resistant to being broken down, something the body would be able to do in a healthy state.
  4. The immune system has become weakened or even dysregulated, allowing pathogens within the body (for example, the Epstein-Barr virus) to reactivate.
  5. SARS-CoV-2 may be activating our immune systems in a manner that leads to long-term autoantibody production. An autoantibody is a type of antibody that damages our tissues and organs. In a healthy body, the immune system destroys them.

How do I test for Long Covid?

Given the wide range of symptoms and theories as to what may be happening in this condition, there is currently no specific test to diagnose Long Covid. Different medical practitioners may use different criteria.

How do I treat my Long Covid?

There is no single treatment for Long Covid. A doctor would consider your personal history as well as the extent, type, and severity of symptoms before recommending treatment.

If you can, find someone who has experience with other Long Covid patients; they should be in a better position to understand the condition and recommend treatments. Depending on the severity, this may involve one or more specialists. When symptoms are mild, there are many things you can do at home to manage them until you recover.

How a coach can help with Long Covid?

Long Covid is physically challenging, and it can be mentally and emotionally tough as well.

Depending on your symptoms and the severity, you may struggle to do basic things like going for a walk or focusing on your work; over time, this can take a toll on you as well as your support system.

Having someone who can give you some guidance, perspective, and information – or just listen – can be extraordinarily helpful.

With health coaching you set the pace and the goals you would like to achieve. This allows you to stay in tune with your body and mind, which helps you take charge of your recovery. And it gives you additional support, beyond your medical team, so that you don’t feel like you’re going it alone.

Having a health coach support you in your journey provides a number of benefits:

Stay on track

You’re more likely to make – and stick to – the long-term behaviour changes you need to improve your health.


You have someone to support you when it may be most difficult, when you have questions, and when you’re celebrating your successes.


You have someone in your camp who’s non-judgmental to guide and motivate you in the journey you’ve chosen.


A coach can help you stay accountable to yourself and empower you to make the best choices for your health and wellbeing.

What can you expect if you work with us?

We want to make this a positive and rewarding experience for you and we’ve designed our sessions to be flexible, affordable and comfortable.

All our sessions are done virtually, making your experience convenient, flexible, and more affordable.

We start with an initial 60-minute session. This gives us time to get to know each other and allows us to start understanding your health and the challenges you face. We’ll also learn about your medical history and what has or has not worked for you.

From this starting point, we’ll help you formulate a realistic way forward and a plan that feels right for you. This plan is a starting point that gives us direction, but also a work in progress. As you understand more about yourself and the progress you’re making, you may want to make adjustments – and that’s okay.

After the initial session, you’ll be able to set up regular follow-up sessions for ongoing support and adjustments where needed. The number and duration of these sessions is flexible so that you can choose the options that work best for you.

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Will coaching work for me?

Our coaching will work for you if:
  • You want to be empowered to make health decisions and be actively engaged in your process.
  • You recognize that you may need to make some changes to improve your health.
  • You would like someone to help keep you accountable in a non-judgmental, supportive way.
Our coaching will not work for you if:
  • You’re looking for someone who will tell you what to do. We’ll be happy to provide information and materials, but we don’t prescribe or treat.
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself and make a commitment to change.
  • You don’t like some structure or think goals are a waste of time.

What next?

If you think health coaching can help you, we’d love to hear from you. Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to see if we’re a good fit. We’ll set up a free 20-minute session so that you can get to know us and ask us questions before making any commitment.


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